Professional Development

What is your Story?

ButterflyWhat happens when you desperately want to achieve something but then you get in your own way?  Often our past experiences create a certain mindset in what is otherwise a strong, powerful and creative adult and these mindsets (or stories) create conflicting emotional drivers in us when trying to achieve our goals.  These mindsets can affect us in subtle ways, like procrastination over a much-loved project, good old self-doubt or for some, you may experience more debilitating emotions, such as depression.  For many of us, these stories can continue for many years, and often, when we hold on to a story, we can even find examples to justify our way of being, in order to support our current story and stop ourselves from achieving our dreams and desires.

Let me give you an example.  I left school early in life, moved to another city and walked the streets until I secured my first job.  Now 30 yrs later, I still have the story that I am not intelligent enough, that my skills must come into question all because my education was cut short.

Over the years, I have learned to acknowledge the presence of that story so that when it comes up (no, it’s not quite gone yet), I can choose a different one.  You see, we always have a choice when it comes to our story.  In any given example there are in fact two stories and we get to choose which one plays out.

To expand on my example earlier,  one story is that I am under-educated as a result of leaving school early and the other story could be that I was extremely resourceful to move to a new city and walk the streets until I found a job, being such a young age at the time; That shows a certain strength of character right?  You see, one story leads you to pain and limiting behaviors while the other, to fulfillment and happiness.

In supervision we get to explore some of your emotional drivers, enabling you to move forward…. we change your story. Your story is not a part of who you are, it is just that…a story, and once you acknowledge that and let it go, you get to create what happens from then on.  For me, I went on to own and develop several businesses, to travel the world extensively, have beautiful children and at the age of 45 yrs, achieve a Post Graduate qualification.

Everyone has a story and often these are a result of something painful that has happened to us in life.   When you realise that every human being goes through pain and injustice, (some more than others) and that everyone has had someone hurt them deeply, or betrayed them, and as painful as that experience was, it seems, that is how we grow as people.  Without having had the experience you wouldn’t have developed the power, intensity, strength or confidence that you have now. If you had not experienced that moment in your life, then you wouldn’t be the person that you are today.

So what is your story and more importantly, are you ready to let it go so that you can create a new one?

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